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In remembrance of Sheila Ray Charles - Some Cry, Some Leave in Clay County


Sheila Raye Charles passed away on June 15, 2017 at age 53

Clay County, Ky. (Wednesday November 12, 2014) - A very high profile entertainer was present at the annual 2014 Horse Creek Baptist Church Homecoming on Sunday November 9. She bared her soul in a shocking & heart wrenching testimony that brought some to tears while others left.

The church is a shining beacon in a community where almost every family has been effected in one way or another by drug abuse and this seems true for most of the nation now.

Sheila Ray Charles, daughter of the legendary Ray Charles along with her husband Tony attended church Sunday, the homecoming lunch was served after the worship service then she gave her testimony.

Sheila Raye Charles was not always the healthy happy woman that visited Clay County, Kentucky this past Sunday.

The following link is to a video by Ron Curry AKA JerseyBull and it will take you inside the Horse Creek Baptist Church as Sheila Raye Charles shares her life story in testimony.

VIDEO - Some Cry, Some Leave

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